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Designer Dog Clothes

Hairmes Paris Designer Dog Shirt

Hairmes Paris Designer Dog Shirt

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Let your pet rule their social media in a stylish way! Hairmes Paris Dogs Designer Tops Sizes

If the parcel has not arrived in expected time, please feel free to contact us, Let us help you figuring out what went wrong. Keep in mind shipping can be all over the shop with covid & all the lockdowns.

Since clothing materials differ and size standards vary, please check the size suitable for your pet before ordering. Bust data is the most important!


Neck - 18-20cm | 7.09-7.87 inches

Back - 25-29cm | 9.84-11.42 inches

Bust - 19-21cm | 7.48-8.27 inches


Neck - 22-24cm | 8.66-9.45 inches

Back - 31-35cm | 12.2-13.78 inches

Bust - 24-26cm | 9.45-10.24 inches


Neck - 26-28cm | 10.24-11.02 inches

Back - 37-41cm | 14.57-16.14 inches

Bust - 29-31cm | 11.42-12.2 inches


Neck - 30-32cm | 11.81-12.6 inches

Back - 43-47cm | 16.93-18.5 inches

Bust - 34-36cm | 13.39-14.17 inches


Neck - 34-36cm | 13.49-14.17 inches

Back - 49-53cm | 19.29-20.87 inches

Bust - 39-41cm | 15.35-16.14 inches


Neck - 38-40cm | 14.96-15.75 inches

Back - 55-59cm | 21.65-23.23 inches

Bust - 44-46cm | 17.32-18.11 inches


Neck - 40-42cm | 16.54-17.32 inches

Back - 61-65cm | 24.02-25.59 inches

Bust - 49-51cm | 19.29-20.08 inches


Wholesale: support

Type: Dogs

Style: Fashion

Season: Summer


Materials for every garment are specified in the listing and made to human-grade quality specifications.

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping, forever! We'll also cover your returns! Since some products are hand-made, expect for shipping to take 3 weeks after order.


Refer to size charts when you purchase! If you accidentally order the wrong size, we will always send you the correct size as a courtesy.

Care Instructions

To care for our products, simply wash and launder them just like you would for your own products! We recommend hangars between uses to prevent creases and fold lines.

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